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If your states' Medicare Contractor is Noridian Administrative Services, Palmetto GBA, or Trailblazer Health Enterprises you know that your Medicare patients have lost the option for CK treatment of Prostate Cancer. This is unacceptable, especially when other Medicare Contractors have reviewed the evidence and are covering for patients residing in their states!

Up until now, these Medicare Contractors have seemed unwilling to listen. We can’t get discouraged. We have to keep carrying the message until these unacceptable policies are turned around. We must make our voices heard!

We can work to overturn these policies that restrict beneficiary access to life-saving treatment options under Medicare, a system which WE, the taxpayers have paid for.

How? The approach of the patient, Doctor and Treatment Center will be different, but the core message stays the same-patients should have access and the physician should be able to choose the treatment option that is safe, effective, and appropriate for their patients. These options must include Stereotactic Radiosurgery and treatment with the CyberKnife.

If you have patients that are willing to express their dissatisfaction with their local Medicare Contractors’ decision, please encourage them to contact their local Medicare Contractors, and Congressional Representatives at the local, state, and national level - even the White House! Our family members and friends can also express their view regarding the loss of stereotactic radiosurgery for the treatment of prostates cancer.

The list of Websites on the left side is where you can find the names and contact information of key decision makers in your state and at the national level.


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